Independent Third Party Lab Testing Facility of Wine, Beer and Spirits.

Using state-of-the-art lab testing methods and instrumentation, we independently lab test wines, beers and spirits for a variety of chemical compounds.


Founded in 2012, BeverageGrades operates a commercial laboratory which tests wines, beers and spirits for such chemical compounds as heavy metals (e.g. lead, arsenic, cadmium, etc.), pesticides and sulfites to name a few. Always guided by our mission to advocate for consumers’ health, we strive to inform consumers about what’s in their favorite wine, beer or spirit. In doing so, we provide health and nutrition information on our Website for consumers to find healthier options when they choose to drink. Please click here to find a selection of wines lower in heavy metals. (Please note: this selection of wines is for one vintage or lot.)

Very quickly, we also realized that it was important to work together with retailers and restaurant groups. Why? Quite simply, because retailers and restaurant groups service the consumer directly and in large quanitites. As such, they are equipped to help large populations of consumers choose healthier beverage options. So, in 2013, we solicited many major retailers and restaurant groups to work with us to utilize our lab testing services to offer healthier wines, beers and spirits for their customers.

To learn more about BeverageGrades and the services we provide, please contact us.